Dr. Arun Mehra

Dr. Mehra had a brilliant career as a medical student. He was awarded four gold medals for MBBS surgery, MS Surgery, Best Outgoing Student and University Gold medal for Surgery.

  • MBBS, MS. MCh.
  • Awarded 4 Gold Medals.
  • Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon.
  • Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai.
  • Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai.
  • Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai.
  • Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai
  • Cumballa Hill Heart Institute, Mumbai.

About Heart

Know Your Heart

Early Development: The human embryonic heart (EHR) begins beating at approximately 21 days after conception, or five weeks after the last normal menstrual period (LMP), which is the date normally used to date pregnancy.

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Heart Surgery

During operation your surgeon constructs a new passage for blood which bypasses the obstruction and sends blood to the normal blood vessel beyond the site of maximal obstruction. The original blocked vessel is not interfered with.

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Coronary angiography is a procedure to find out if any coronary artery is blocked. A small needle is passed into the groin of the patient. Through this, a fine catheter is negotiated into the coronary arteries, and the coronary arteries are filmed.

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Traditionally Coronary artery Bypass surgery was done using cardio (heart) - pulmonary (lungs) bypass. This meant that the heart and the lungs of the patient were allowed to rest while a pump (artificial heart) and oxygenator (artificial lungs)

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The heart muscle has to work extremely hard, 24 hours a day. 4200 times every hour in order to keep the blood flowing through all parts of the body. Out of 5 liters of blood that it pumps every minute, it requires about 800 ml

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Post Operative Care

To gain access to heart, the surgeon has to go through the breast bone which is thick bone in front of the heart. The bone is wired together and takes about six weeks to heal. While this healing process is on, the patient is likely to feel

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