The Diet Plan

Early Morning Tea or Coffee one cup with morning dose of aspirin 75 mg.

Tea or Coffee to be made with one fourth cup milk, no cream, one or two tablets of “Equal” or “hermetesetas gold.” One to two mile walk on even ground.

Breakfast : Suggest 8 a.m.

Two or three slices of toast or plain bread with “light” butter or two or three khakhras without oil or salt. or 2-3 medium size idlies (without chutney or ghee) , or one helping of corn flakes with skimmed milk , or one medium bowl of upma with one teaspoon of oil and low calorie vegetables like nions, carrots, tomatoes, or two boiled eggs without yolk and two slices of plain or toasted bread.

Mid morning: 10 to 11 a.m.

1 medium sized fruit : orange, apple, chikoo, or 3-4 slices of papaya


It is a good idea to have a medium sized bowl of clear mix vegetable soup without cream or butter about half an hour before meals. This gives a good nourishment as well as satiety and prevents over indulgence in food.

Main Course

  • 3 Small Phulkas.
  • 2 tablespoons of rice.
  • 1 medium bowl dal or one medium bowl of sprouted pulse like moong, masur, red chawli, mataki etc. one big katori of lightly fried (sauteed) vegetables like brinJal, tomatoes, parval, bhindi,      pumpkin, dhoodhi, peas. potatoes, chana, black chana, cabbage, cauliflower, Simla mirch, and other similar seasonal vegetables.
  • 1 small katori skimmed curds.
  • 1 medium bowl of salad: tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, cucumber, onions etc. After a brief nap, some activity or hobby is suggested: reading, music, light non violent movies, or preferably some      light indoor game like carrom. or similar board games, ideally with children.


Light tea or coffee or fruit juice. With biscuits (Marie) or khakhra or dhokla or other nor fried snacks like batata pava, roasted chevda, etc. or some fruit. Dinner Same general rules as lunch. Post dinner or pre dinner walk one mile or so.


Cup of milk or light drink.

General Smoking

Smoking is well known to cause cancer. What is less well known but more dangerous is that smoking can cause severe peripheral vascular disease and can cause fingers and toes to fall off. In an operated patient, even a single cigarette can cause very severe thrombogenesis and can cause grafts to block off.


While there is no proof that alcohol actually helps in heart disease, small amounts can probably cause relaxation and give good sleep. It is certainly less harmful than smoking. What cause a lot of damage is the cashew nuts and ground nuts and potato chips that contain a lot of calories. Pickles contain a lot of sugar and oil and are best taken in very small amounts.


Remember that you got operated in order to be able to add more years to your life as well as life to your years.
In general the quality of life should improve. One cannot really expect to eat boiled tasteless vegetables for the rest of ones life, and there is great merit in moderation, i.e., having a little bit of the best things in life